Why The Hammer Driver? It just flat out works. 

Our Design Philosophy has been the same for 25 years….

It’s pretty simple, the Hammer Driver Design Formula…
  Less Drag= Faster Club head speed=More Distance
This is not more Hype, Hocus pokus, gadget marketing of leading golf companies with their slow speed,Tin Can Driver designs.

Why should I purchase the Hammer driver?
Just Look at it!.......With it’s

1.Shaped Aerodynamic Wing Design for big time head speed…less drag.
2. See-Thru shape… for lightness.
3.Power Core …right where you want the Mass to be.
4.One Million hit face for more explosive energized Power on the Ball.
5.Inverted Face Shape for… Biggest Sweet spot.
6.One of a kind SmartShaft Technology available in Round or Flat Shape shaft designs.

Who will the Hammer design help?
Everyone…. Seniors, Women, Average golfers, even Pros, anyone looking to add 40 to 60 easy yards and it cures every slice too!
And.. Here is something no one has every explained..

Why does the Hammer Launch the ball so much farther?
By design, with its shape, speed, lightness, and Face hardness.. just look at the chart..it’s a real advantage for Speed and Power on the golf ball!

Why is the Hammer Driver the Best value in golf?..
We put all our efforts into innovation, design and technology , not more phony hype of advertising on the Tour and Paid endorsements.


Give It a RISK-FREE Test-Drive For a Full 90 Days!
With a return rate of less than 1%, I’m confident you’ll be happy with your new Hammer X! Seniors to pros everywhere are adding up to 60 yards and hitting it dead straight using the FREE Hammer Golf Lesson and the Hammer X with its space age design, power core, wing shaped aerodynamics, and the biggest sweet spot ever. If for any reason you’re not happy, just ship it back and we will take care of the rest no questions asked. It is RISK-FREE to play the World’s Longest Driver, the Hammer X Driver. Enjoy the Future of Drivers!

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