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With a return rate of less than 1%, I’m confident you’ll be happy with your new Hammer X! Seniors to pros everywhere are adding up to 60 yards and hitting it dead straight using the FREE Hammer Golf Lesson and the Hammer X with its space age design, power core, wing shaped aerodynamics, and the biggest sweet spot ever. If for any reason you’re not happy, just ship it back and we will take care of the rest no questions asked. It is RISK-FREE to play the World’s Longest Driver, the Hammer X Driver. Enjoy the Future of Drivers!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of the shaft?
Standard length for the men’s shaft is 45 inches. Standard length for the women’s shaft is 43 inches.
What is the flex of the shaft?
Our patented Smart Shaft technology is one flex fits everyone! It senses your swing speed and will adjust and kick according to your swing speed.
What is the difference between the Round Hammer 3-Tiered Smart Shaft vs Flat Shaft technology?
Both designs incorporate Smart Shaft Flex Technology. It's one shaft fits everyone’s flex - it senses your club head speed and automatically kicks low, medium, or high based on YOUR swing speed.
The patented FLAT X-SHAFT technology is one of a kind. THE FLAT X-SHAFT PHENOMENON IS THE BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH IN GOLF TECHNOLOGY IN THE LAST 100 YEARS!! This is the 1st SPEED IN A SHAFT - so aerodynamic that it actually picks up speed on the downswing all by itself. Flat like a sword and 20% faster through the air! It eliminates hooks and slices because of its zero-torque giving you dead straight drives, no twisting of the shaft like round shafts, and you can hear the speed in the shaft... BOOM
What is the degree of the loft?
It is a 10-degree loft.
What is the inverted face?
The Hammer face is flipped over giving golfers the biggest sweetspot ever and creates a max boring effect for more carry and roll.
Is the Hammer X USGA approved?
The Hammer X was designed by Jack Hamm ‘The Hammer’ specifically for golfers to instantly add 60 yards, hit the ball dead straight and drop 10 strokes.
As brand new golf technology, the Hammer X has been submitted to the USGA. The Hammer X does fall within the following USGA requirements for drivers:
    The Hammer X face width is wider than body.
    The Hammer X meets the core specifications for face thickness.
    The Hammer X has ZERO cc’s, which is less than the USGA required 460cc.
What is the shipping and handling time?
Standard shipping is approximately 10-15 business days. Expedited shipping is approximately 7-10 business days. (Excluding weekends and holidays)
Do you ship to Canada and what is the cost?
Yes, we ship the Hammer X to Canada with FREE shipping!
Hammer X Driver Success Stories
"I never miss a fairway! I shot my lowest round ever with this driver"
Beau Rials
"This is the best driver ever designed! This will help everyone"
Al Geiberger
"It's just that easy. Line it up and add an easy 50 yards. No other driver makes golf EASY"
Jolly Demis
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