Jack "the Hammer" Hamm

6-Time Long Drive Champion & lEADING gOLf pRODUCT iNNOVATOR


The Hammer X World's Longest Driver


The Hammer X World's Longest Driver

Jack "the Hammer" Hamm

6-Time Long Drive Champion &  leading golf product innovator

Looking to hit your longest drive Ever? add UP TO 60 yards and hit it dead straight

The New Science of SPEED in GOLF

home of the world's longest driver


The Hammer’s One of a kind 3-Tiered Round Smart Shaft is included with every Hammer order. 
The Hammer’s One of a kind 3-Tiered Round Smart Shaft is included with every Hammer order. The SmartShaft is the most explosive shaft ever, like a slingshot, it just launches the ball. Our patented smart shaft technology adjusts to your swing speed automatically and kicks low, medium or high. Flex options are now obsolete. The Hammer shaft, one shaft fits everyone’s flex needs!

Optional Deluxe Shaft Upgrade available at checkout

Do you want Speed in a Shaft? The Flat X-Shaft, the World’s Fastest Shaft… The Only AIR Powered Shaft! The 1st Speed in a shaft, shaped like a sword…cutting thru the air like a knife. The Flat X- Shaft is 20% Faster by design with Laser accuracy, with ZERO TORQUE and includes our patented smart shaft Technology, adjusting to your swing speed automatically.. One Flat shaft fits everyone’s Flex needs!  BONUS: The next 100 golfers can upgrade for only $29.95 (regularly $99.95)!

HammerX Specs

  • Loft:  10°
  • Lie:  60°
  • Lift:  High
  • ​Length:  Men's 45", Women's 43"
  • Flex:  Smart Flex - Detects your swing speed and kicks accordingly
  • Torque:​  Low/Zero
  • Drag:  Low


Hammer X Driver Upgrade; X-SHAFT: Rating EXCELLENT: Used the club the next day after I received it and loved it. The Hammer X is unbelievable, everything they said it was!! The Jack Hamm Golf Lesson DVD is fantastic, I implemented his teachings from the video and not only improve from the tee I improved with my Iron shots as well. Can't wait to practice more with those techniques and really blow away my friends!
Joseph Pesce
I have been a club maker for 17 years, so I can attest to how much difference a well fit and well built club can make to your game... I love the Hammer 500 XL driver, Jack, and can say I hit it longer, straighter, and more consistently than any driver I have ever built. Kudos to you for having the wherewithal to take the driver to such an extreme. It beats any driver on the market, bar none.. Thanks again!!!!
John Cox, Roswell, NM... age 65
I am a mechanical engineer. I took the Hammer X driver to the course and hit 20 yards beyond my normal drive on every hole and cured my slice. I like the feel of this driver as it comes back and around. This is not a paid testimonial or anything of the kind. After hitting this driver, I left my $500 Titleist and my $400 Callaway in the bag. This club works and does as the advertising claims. I have spent a lot of money for this result with high price clubs. But the Jack Hamm driver is the only club to actually DELIVER.
Buy it NOW!!!!!!
David L. Foster
Shot my lowest nine ever last week - Thirty-three (33) on the back, I had a 39 on the front for a par round! They don't come very often. I can absolutely say beyond any doubt that it is due to using your Golf Instruction DVD. I plan to teach my granddaughters your method so don't be surprised to hear the US Women's Open Champ 2024 shout POW!!!! after her drive on the 18th hole Sunday. Thanks for all you have done for golfers like me. 
Ken "Doc" Dozier
I love my new HAMMER 500 XL GOLF CLUB Jack.
I bumped from work and met some mates at Mactaquac Golf Course last Friday.
It took a little while to get the perfect swing but by the time we hit the 9th tee I was yelling "BOOM".
You should have seen the faces on the other guys.
With heads the size of babies on their drivers they were feeling the "hurt".
A sly 5 iron put me up pin high on the green and left a 20 foot put that went straight as an arrow into the center of the cup for birdie. Now I have the HAMMER PUTTER doing its thing.
There is no doubt left that these are the best golf clubs I have ever played with and with more time spent watching your golf swing DVD and some more practice I will be ready to golf with some of the local "big boys". By the time we rolled off the 18th hole my mates were asking all these questions about the price of your HAMMER X CLUBS and when I told them their mouths stopped working. Guess you will have some more orders coming in from New Brunswick Jack.
Can you please send me the very best you can do on your HAMMER IRONS 3 - 9.with postage ? Thank you very much for everything Jack.
RV Pete Mossman Your #1 RV Expert
This Is What The Hammer Driver Can Do For You...
  • Add Up To 60 Yards To All Your Golf Shots - You`ll add up to 60 yards to all your golf shots. This little secret is how Jack (over 50 years old) can still average 400 yards off the tee!
  • Save Up To 20 Strokes a Round - Since you will be much longer off the tee that means shorter irons into the greens. You`ll not only be longer but you will hit everything dead straight off the tee. You can`t help but shave up to 20 strokes or more off your next round!
  • Increase Your Swing Speed by 20% - This club is so aerodynamic with the Flat X-Shaft that it actually picks up speed on the downswing all by itself. This is one reason why Jack has a 162 MPH swing speed clocked by Golf Digest!
  • Drop Your Handicap by 10 - Since this Flat X-Shaft is so consistent and doesn't twist and turn at impact like all other $3 golf shafts you will drop your handicap by at least 10 making golf fun and easy again!
About Jack "The Hammer" Hamm
The Only Human Alive To Average 400 Yards Off The Tee...It's Hammer Time!

"If I used any other driver I'd lose 60 yards on my very next swing due to outdated technology"
- Jack Hamm
In addition to holding 6 Guinness World Long Drive records, I personally have helped many of the leading PGA pro's as well as many well known Celebrities. Since 1998, my Hammer System has accounted for more than 289 wins on the PGA tour, including 41 Major Championship victories...

I’ve shared my Hammer System to many golf professions and well known celebrities who include:

Tiger Woods (14 majors), Arnold Palmer (7 majors), Phil Mickelson (5 majors), Greg Norman (3 majors), Sergio Garcia (1 major), John Daly (3 majors), Freddie Couples (5 majors), Don Coe Jones (1 major), Steve Jones (1 major), Al Geiberger (1 major), Joey Sindelar, Danny Edwards, Michael Jordan, John Elway, Sean Connery, Sylvester Stallone and many, many more…

Why You Need The Hammer Driver

- Makes golf fun again!

- World's first zero-cc See-Thru driver is lighter.

- Revolutionary FLAT X-Shaft is 20% faster!

- Add an easy 60 yards Dead Straight

- Fixes any hook or slice forever!

- Smartflex Technology adjusts to YOUR swing speed.

- Flipped-over face ith a GIANT sweetspot

- Club head is made of Zolex. The worlds hardest metal!

- Nobody has this technology but us... Nobody!

Remember Your Longest Drive... It Just Got A Lot Longer!
The New HAMMER X is the World's LONGEST Driver!
The Hammer X Driver Story
Designed by Golf’s #1 Designer and 6-time World Long drive Champion – Jack “The Hammer” Hamm. THIS IS REAL GOLF TECHNOLOGY! - not another gimmick – Not core related, Metal Changing -- Blah, Blah, Blah – No Screws or Nuts, no compass or cavity, absolutely NOTHING TECHNOLOGY! This is Real Golf Science! The 1st ZERO-CC-SEE-THRU-DRIVER - Fastest Head Speed -- Why, its simple – Lack Of Drag! DEAD STRAIGHT ACCURACY - 3-times straighter than any other driver! Cures any Slice! Our G-Force Balance - makes it the lightest driver ever. The 1st FLIPPED OVER FACE - 600MM twice the sweet spot of any other driver!

The HAMMER X is the only Driver with a PATENTED POWER CORE -- All the Mass is behind the face giving you Dead Solid Deflection. No more Tin Can sound – DEAD SOLID PERSIMMON FEEL -- With the Hardest face ever -- Patented ZOLEX METAL -- giving you explosive deflection energy behind the ball! Includes the world's first Flat X-Shaft -- Yes flat like a sword -- 20% faster through the Air! It eliminates hooks and slices, and it's one shaft fits everyone with Smartshaft Flex Technology -- it senses your club head speed and kicks low, medium, or high (based on YOUR swing speed) automatically.

I am dedicated to offering you the best golf equipment on the market at direct wholesale pricing. I don't care about paying the pro's to use our clubs (every pro is paid off by the company to use their club) or having our products in retail. I cut the middle man out so I can save you money. You get a premium driver without paying the premium price! My priority for the past 25 years is helping YOU. For this reason, I only sell our driver direct from our website and back it with a 60 day money-back guarantee. You can put the Hammer Driver head to head with ANYTHING you want. I am that confident that it will out-perform any driver out there! 

I have been in business over 31 years selling my Hammer line of golf clubs and I have been fortunate enough to sell over 1,000,000 drivers for a reason... THEY WORK! This will be the last driver you ever buy...
Give It a RISK-FREE Test-Drive For a Full 90 Days!
With a return rate of less than 1%, I’m confident you’ll be happy with your new Hammer X! Seniors to pros everywhere are adding up to 60 yards and hitting it dead straight using the FREE Hammer Golf Lesson and the Hammer X with its space age design, power core, wing shaped aerodynamics, and the biggest sweet spot ever. If for any reason you’re not happy, just ship it back and we will take care of the rest no questions asked. It is RISK-FREE to play the World’s Longest Driver, the Hammer X Driver. Enjoy the Future of Drivers!

What The Leading Golf Companies Don't Want You To Know...
FREE Webinar: Hidden Driver Scam... Listen Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of the shaft?
Standard length for the men’s shaft is 45 inches. Standard length for the women’s shaft is 43 inches.
What is the flex of the shaft?
Our patented Smart Shaft technology is one flex fits everyone! It senses your swing speed and will adjust and kick according to your swing speed.
What is the difference between the Round Hammer 3-Tiered Smart Shaft vs Flat Shaft technology?
Both designs incorporate Smart Shaft Flex Technology. It's one shaft fits everyone’s flex - it senses your club head speed and automatically kicks low, medium, or high based on YOUR swing speed.
The patented FLAT X-SHAFT technology is one of a kind. THE FLAT X-SHAFT PHENOMENON IS THE BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH IN GOLF TECHNOLOGY IN THE LAST 100 YEARS!! This is the 1st SPEED IN A SHAFT - so aerodynamic that it actually picks up speed on the downswing all by itself. Flat like a sword and 20% faster through the air! It eliminates hooks and slices because of its zero-torque giving you dead straight drives, no twisting of the shaft like round shafts, and you can hear the speed in the shaft... BOOM
What is the degree of the loft?
It is a 10-degree loft.
What is the inverted face?
The Hammer face is flipped over giving golfers the biggest sweetspot ever and creates a max boring effect for more carry and roll.
Is the Hammer X USGA approved?
The Hammer X was designed by Jack Hamm ‘The Hammer’ specifically for golfers to instantly add 60 yards, hit the ball dead straight and drop 10 strokes.
As brand new golf technology, the Hammer X has been submitted to the USGA. The Hammer X does fall within the following USGA requirements for drivers:
    The Hammer X face width is wider than body.
    The Hammer X meets the core specifications for face thickness.
    The Hammer X has ZERO cc’s, which is less than the USGA required 460cc.
What is the shipping and handling time?
Standard shipping is approximately 10-15 business days. Expedited shipping is approximately 7-10 business days. (Excluding weekends and holidays)
Do you ship to Canada and what is the cost?
Yes, we ship the Hammer X to Canada with FREE shipping!
Hammer X Driver Success Stories
"I never miss a fairway! I shot my lowest round ever with this driver"
Beau Rials
"This is the best driver ever designed! This will help everyone"
Al Geiberger
"It's just that easy. Line it up and add an easy 50 yards. No other driver makes golf EASY"
Jolly Demis

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